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Most headaches are easily relieved by our chiropractic techniques.

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Neck pain?

Most neck pain is caused by spinal misalignment.

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Pain causes stress and stress causes pain.

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Back pain?

Almost all lower back and leg pain can be relieved.

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No other Gold Coast Chiropractor makes these promises.

  • We Won’t Keep You Waiting

    Life these days is busy and we understand you have much more to do than visit your chiropractor. We value your time and our own and pride ourselves on running to time. We will never waste your time.

  • No Unnecessary Treatment

    Our unique chiropractic approach integrating the best evidence-based mind and body treatment means we can achieve our goal of relieving your pain in minimal time. You will never receive any unnecessary advice or treatment.

the Joy of Healing

I’d like to take this opportunity to say I am overjoyed that my health has improved to such a degree that I can come back to work, albeit on a part-time basis. I am also overjoyed th at I can help people and make a difference. My brush with a life-threatening illness has definitely made me more understanding, more engaged, more willing to work with other health professionals. It’s also given me a deeper appreciation of the mind-body equation. So now I’m interested in sharing the wisdom I’ve acquired on the journey back to good health.