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Andrew – Heart Update

Almost a year ago, I found myself in the hospital with acute heart failure and a grave prognosis. Since then, with excellent medical and complementary treatment, my heart function has improved from 12% to 31%.  While I am pleased to have improved, further recovery is unlikely. Unfortunately, this means I will be unable to return to work as a chiropractor.

William, Melanie, Andrew and Ayden

I am deeply grateful for the concern and well wishes I have received from my extended family of chiropractic patients. It has been a challenging time in my life when by necessity I have had to focus on what is essential in the short term to improve my health and to consider what the future may bring.

In my update, “Physician Heal Thyself”, I optimistically  indicated that I would likely be away from the practice for 3 to 6 months, which has led to some patients putting their treatment ‘on hold’. My illness has shown me more than ever the importance of proper treatment and proper maintenance to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering. Prevention surely is better than cure. Please continue the chiropractic journey we began with Dr Alex and Dr Mark.

Dr Alex, Chelsea, Melissa and Dr Mark

My career has been enjoyable and fulfilling for many reasons, but mainly because of the long-term relationships I have built with our patients that I also consider to be friends. I strived to give you the best advice to keep you active and healthy, and this continues to be my goal vicariously, under the skilled hands of chiropractors, Dr Alex and Dr Mark.

I have hand-picked our chiropractors for their professionalism, adjusting ability and high standards. They are excellent chiropractors that will carry on the Mind & Body Chiropractic promise. It brings me great comfort to know that while I cannot practice, our patients continue to get the results that they seek.

With your permission, I would like to keep in touch with you to maintain your optimal health and our friendship.

Warmest regards,