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Meet The Team

Meet the team members here at Mind & Body Chiropractic. We understand the strong and inseparable nature of the mind-body connection as it relates to relieving your pain and allowing you to live a happy and productive life.

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Dr Alex Mendieta

B.Sc, MSc.(Chiropractic)

Dr Alex Mendieta represents the next generation of chiropractors. As a Masters degree graduate from Macquarie University in Sydney, Dr Alex brings an evidence-based, results-orientated approach to treating patients.

Dr Andrew Fell says:

“Dr Alex has a great pair of hands. He has the ability to work on a person in the way a great musician plays on an instrument. It’s the artistry. So while it’s evidence-based and scientifically proven, the most effective treatment is an art. When it comes to treating patients, Alex is an artist. The ability to produce something out of nothing is hard to quantify but it is undeniable.”

To learn more about Dr Mendieta, click here.

Dr Andrew Fell

Heartmath Practitioner

Andrew completed his qualifications as a Chiropractor at the University of NSW and the Sydney College of Chiropractic. He then completed a Clinical Acupuncture diploma.

Although primarily interested in evidence-based chiropractic techniques, Dr Fell has had a special interest in the mind and stress on pain and healing for over 30 years. This has led to further certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and HeartMath Stress Management.

Due to ill health, Dr Fell is currently away from the practice.


Melissa Eslick

Practice Manager

Since joining Mind & Body Chiropractic, Melissa has further developed her clinical skills and is well versed in our Stress Management technologies and Posture-Pro Digital analysis.

Melissa has always had a deep-seated interest in the importance of the mind and body and a fascination with stress-related health problems. As our Practice Manager, Melissa’s primary role is to ensure that your visit to our clinic is on-time, low-stress, highly productive and very enjoyable.


Dr Susan Robinson

BN (Nursing), BSc. (Chiro), MClinChiro

Dr Susan Robinson graduated from CQ Unversity with distinction. She combines her evidence-based Masters of Clinical Chiropractic knowledge with seven years of experience as an Emergency Department nurse. Dr Sue is a uniquely qualified chiropractor with an in-depth knowledge of the benefits of orthodox medicine combined with modern chiropractic methods.

Having received chiropractic care since the age of eight, Dr Sue has experienced first hand the benefits of chiropractic treatment. Her own active lifestyle and passion for healthcare, inspires her to help her patients. Dr Sue strives to find the right treatment for every individual patient by tailoring her care and supporting her patients’ specific needs.