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Here are some of the more common causes of stress. Can you relate?

Work related stress and pressure. Learn more about treating work related stress.

Family Relationship Stress. Learn more about treating family and relationship stress.

Financial Stress. Learn more about treating financial stress.

Stress caused by sickness of your partner or family member. Learn more about treating stress related to sickness of a loved one.

Death of a loved one. Learn more about treating stress related to death of a loved one.

Stress Management Gold Coast

When we think of the word ‘stress’, we almost immediately think of ‘heart attack’, as well. Beyond the potential dangers posed by stress, being forced to suffer and endure its many side effects are never a pleasant experience. At Mind & Body Chiropractic on the Gold Coast, we provide a non-invasive, all-natural treatment method for stress management that requires zero medication and delivers effective, long lasting results. As chiropractors, we help train your body to expel the accumulated stress and tension, enabling you to better handle the demands of your daily life. Through our gentle therapy sessions, we will relieve the pressure from your spine and nervous system, allowing your stress levels to ultimately improve on their own.

What Causes Stress?

There is a whole multitude of causes for stress, but rather than list them all here, please visit our individual pages:

What Are the Main Types of Stress?

There are three main types of stress:

  • Emotional Stress – any situation that makes us feel vulnerable and helpless. Common causes include family, work and finances
  • Physical Stress – any aches and pains that are attributed to physical trauma, such as heavy lifting, poor posture etc
  • Chemical Stress – refers to an imbalance of chemicals in the body, either due to internal factors (food, alcohol, medication) or external factors (harmful and hazardous materials, such as pollution, cleaning agents and so on)

How Does Stress Affect Our Health?

For most of us, (emotional) stress is unavoidable. It’s a part of our everyday lives. However, this stress normally only exists in short bursts and has no alarming side effects. It’s only when our bodies are subjected to stress for sustained periods of time, that it begins to pose a serious threat to our personal wellbeing. High levels of stress at persistent intervals can cause cardiovascular disease and adversely affect our immune system.

According to recent studies, stress is the number one cause of neck or lower back pain in approximately 80% of all individuals. Stress-related symptoms of neck and lower back pain include; muscle ache, sleep deprivation, restlessness, restricted mobility and more. If your stress levels intensify further, it can lead to headaches, neck and upper back pain, sciatica, pain in the arms and shoulders.

How Can Chiropractic Therapy Help with Stress Management?

From a scientific point of view, stress is an increase in adrenaline throughout the body and as chiropractors, our job is to determine the underlying causes of your stress and develop a personalised plan to help eliminate and manage these physical and emotional stress triggers. Chiropractic therapy involves a comprehensive examination of your body’s overall framework and seeks to develop a long-term solution to your stress, through the application of meticulous spinal adjustments and special rehabilitation exercises.

Just as buildings do, the human body requires a strong and stable foundation in order to function correctly. If at any point, this foundation becomes disturbed or weakened, deficiencies will manifest themselves throughout the structure. In the case of our bodies, these symptoms appear as aches, pains and yes, stress. When a chiropractor performs a spinal adjustment, it reduces the amount of Cortisol present in the body. Cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) is a naturally occurring steroid hormone, which is released as a consequence of stress and features a high number of undesirable attributes.

Increased adrenaline levels created by stress, lead to continued muscle strain and tightening, which ultimately disrupts the positioning of the vertebrae, creating what is known as ‘subluxations’. With careful spinal adjustments, nerve and muscle tension is expelled, restoring your body to a more regular, healthy condition. In many instances, spinal adjustments are sufficient enough to reduce the heightened levels of adrenalin and commence the rejuvenation process.

Is stress affecting your life?

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