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Gold Coast Chiropractor is looking after our Active Children

The Neuro Impulse Protocol that Gold Coast chiropractor Dr Chris Scott has mastered is an ultra-gentle form of chiropractic treatment: ideal for children. They may have taken a fall and hurt themselves or been injured playing a sport. They may have a problem with posture.

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Active children get bumps and bruises

Many people, including parents, don’t think of children as being subject to the negative effects of stress. But school can be very stressful for some children. Just as the Mind & Body Chiropractic approach (your Gold Coast chiropractor) can be effective in helping adults manage stress, it can also help the kids.

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Dr Chris Scott, Gold Coast Chiropractor

There is also a common perception that children can be bashed around playing rugby or soccer and they will just bounce back. It is true that the young are remarkably resilient, but these injuries can affect a child’s posture and well being as much as an adult’s. Sitting for too long in a badly designed chair can be as bad for a child as it is for us. However, these discomforts are often dismissed as “growing pains” and so no action is taken.

When a child is in pain or stressed, it can upset sleeping patterns, mood and the ability to learn. It is a real problem and yet many parents and teachers don’t really recognize it. Yet a simple treatment that can alleviate the pain will enable the child to be more comfortable and concentrate better.

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If you have noticed something going on with your child that is restricting them from being their active best, please contact your Gold Coast Chiropractor on (07) 5559 1998 (Mudgeeraba) or (07) 5539 9960 (Surfers Paradise).