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Chiropractors – What Do We Do ?

We focus on Back pain, Neck pain and Headaches!

sacroiliac joint dysfunctionAt Mind & Body Chiropractic, we have been offering evidence-based treatment to our clients for more than 25 years. We specialise in alleviating back pain, neck pain and headaches (that have a mechanical cause), restoring mobility and improving your function. We are highly successful because we are clear about what we do.

There are a few maverick chiropractors out there, making outlandish claims to cure all kinds of diseases and ailments but they are very much in the minority. The majority of qualified chiropractors – and it takes rigorous training and discipline to become a registered chiropractor in Australia – are highly skilled in identifying what they can and what they cannot treat.

And We Work Closely With Other Health Care Professionals

neck pain treatment gold coastAn important part of being a Mudgeeraba chiropractor is that we inter-refer with a variety of healthcare professionals. We see an interdisciplinary approach that is the future of healthcare. We support our local medical and allied health colleagues and regularly refer to them for the benefit of our patients. We particularly acknowledge the role that GP’s play as the central figure in most patient’s healthcare framework. They do a fantastic job as I can recently attest with my recent serious health crisis.

It’s a pity that a few misguided “authorities” want to drag us back into the dark ages when the only choice you had was the overworked, time-poor GP. Just to set the record straight, here is our position on this latest controversy to blight our profession: For the record, we support immunisation and vaccination unequivocally as an important public health strategy. We do not attempt to claim cures to or treatment of conditions outside our scope of practice including Colic, Reflux, ADD, ADHD, Autism or any other non-musculoskeletal condition.headache treatment gold coast

Chiropractors have a valuable contribution to make in the healthcare arena particularly for assistance with back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Dr Andrew Fell