The Gold Coast Chiropractor

Gold Coast Chiropractor Sets the Record Straight

By Dr Andrew Fell

For over 25 years, I have practiced as a qualified chiropractor here in Australia. During this time, I have witnessed countless transformations. People come into the practice with grimaces of pain, under a cloud of stress stemming from their conditions and walk out with smiles on their faces. And this is not just a temporary alleviation of the agony, these people are on their way to a pain-free existence and increased vigour and mobility.

Also, during this time I’ve had to put up with all kinds of slurs and insults to our profession. These are usually the result of media misinformation and the ill-advised opinions of unenlightened doctors. Yes, there are a few rogue practitioners out there, giving chiropractic a bad name, either by making absurd claims about curing all sorts of diseases or by simply being no good at their job. This happens in every profession. But the prejudice against chiropractors is often the result of ignorance and it’s a great shame as there are many ailments and conditions that respond incredibly well to chiropractic treatment.

So I’d like to set the record straight. At Mind & Body Chiropractic, we are completely clear about our position in the world of health professionals. We focus on musculoskeletal problems and the pain and debilitation they can cause. We do not claim to be the be all and end all of health care. On the contrary, we work closely with other professionals in a variety of disciplines. We have a network of like-minded practitioners to whom we refer our patients as appropriate including doctors. We have never suggested chiropractic can replace the care of General Practitioners, people we hold in the highest regard. Chiropractic is complementary to traditional medical science not competitive.

Everything has its place in evidence-based treatment. Our principle concern is to identify exactly what’s causing the problems and recommend the best form of treatment. We have never taken on patients that we feel we cannot help and we never will. Another point worth making is that over the past 20 years chiropractic care has evolved. We now have amazing technologies to help us diagnose, analyse and support a patient’s recovery. There are new approaches to treatment that are extremely gentle yet highly effective. The practice is a safe place where you will be treated with great care. There’s no risk, no pain and our money back guarantee says it all.

Chiropractors have a valuable contribution to make in the healthcare arena within an evidence-based model. Here, at Mind & Body Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on treating the whole person, addressing the causes of conditions and not just the symptoms. We see the evidence of the treatment’s effectiveness on a daily basis. We are constantly being surprised and delighted by the amazing outcomes, as are our patients.