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Causes & Chiropractic Care for Headaches

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Millions of Australians regularly suffer from serious, recurring headaches and they spend millions each year on over-the-counter and prescription drugs searching for pain relief.

In fact, because headaches are so common, some people think that getting a headache is simply a normal part of life! They couldn’t be more wrong. Headaches are a serious sign that the body is not functioning properly.

What Causes Headaches?

Most headaches are caused from a combination of two factors. The first is due to muscular contractions of the neck that then restricts the blood supply to the brain. The second factor is due to pinched nerves caused by spinal misalignments of the neck vertebrae.

What to Do?

The first thing to do is seek professional help. We will be able to diagnose your problem and tell you why you are having these headaches. A treatment program will be recommended or you may be referred for further investigations if deemed necessary. Management of your headaches may include chiropractic adjustments (no drugs or surgery) to normalise the function of your spine, advice on lifestyle and nutritional changes to help prevent further recurrences and advice on how you can further deal with the problem.

Knowledge is the Key

Knowledge is the key to preventing headaches from starting in the first place. Understanding how they are triggered will aid you in stopping them. You will come to know when it is appropriate to seek care and when it is not necessary.

As time goes by, you should have less and less headaches as all associated factors are dealt with. Most patients seeking chiropractic care for headaches experience excellent results.

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