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How To Improve Posture

Stop Whinging About Your Posture

You’ve come to the realisation that you have poor posture and its beginning to impact on your general function, quality of life and perception of your appearance. There are so many strategies which you can implement to improve your posture such as visiting a Chiropractor. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to consider what a Chiropractor does is to think of us almost like a “posture doctor.” Chiropractors are musculoskeletal focused practitioners that use a range of treatment techniques such as spinal manipulative therapy, soft tissue massage, exercise prescription and general lifestyle advice to improve the condition of the spine and nervous system. Without doubt one of the major benefits of this care is an enhancement to your posture!

improve posture correction goodNeck, upper back and shoulder muscle tension are fast becoming the norm in our busy modern lifestyles. Why is this the case? It is thought with increasing technology, use of computers, phones, tablets, sitting in the car, sitting on the couch, lack of appropriate exercise, poor sleeping position, inadequate mattress support (shall I keep going?) and more that our bodies are unable to cope with the level of stress that is placed upon it. The result is an increased muscle tension, decreased blood and nerve supply and ensuing pain and discomfort sometimes to the point of no return.

Eventually our spine deals with this stress by contorting into an abnormal shape, such as forward stooped, head forward position or scoliosis. The long term problems from this are a poorly functioning spine both mechanically and neurologically. The resultant nerve interference then may lead to poor health, fatigue, irritability, depressed state, and an overall reduced quality of life.

What are some strategies that you can implement to start improving your posture immediately?

  • Consult with a Chiropractor for specific and tailored recommendations
  • Have regular rest breaks from your work station
  • Begin a full body stretching or flexibility regime such as Yoga or Pilates
  • Consult with an Exercise Physiologist for advice and prescription of postural exercises
  • See a Remedial Massage therapist or Myotherapist for soft tissue therapy and massage to assist with sore, tight and tense muscles
  • Use a foam roller or posture pole
  • Begin to limit the amount of time you spend sitting
  • Be more conscious of your posture (i.e remind yourself to sit up nice and tall)
  • Seek clarification on the most appropriate mattress and pillow as one size doesn’t fit all

Remember, having bad posture is not permanent and posture is regarded as the ‘window to your health.’ So look after your posture and you will experience a life full of happiness and health. Like the saying goes, happy wife – happy life. Sorry I mean, healthy spine – healthy body!

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