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Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Without Painkillers

Many of the aches and pains that come to afflict us are mechanical in nature and they respond very well to the chiropractic approach. We are able to achieve an immediate alleviation of all sorts of pain such as headaches, back pain, frozen shoulders, plantar fasciitis, pain in the ribs, chronic knee injury. You name it, we can usually fix it. Sadly, due to a lack of awareness, millions of Australians just reach for the painkillers.
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It’s an attitude that’s embedded in our society, not just here, but around the world: grab a quick fix that makes the pain go away so you can get on with your day. But don’t get the wrong idea. At Mind & Body Chiropractic, we’re not anti-medicine.

There are a few misguided chiropractors out there claiming they can heal every condition under the sun. We know that’s nonsense and it’s given chiropractors a bad name. One of the reasons we’re producing these blogs is to dispel the myths and clear up the misinformation about chiropractic practices so people can make an informed choice.

The key question is whether or not a chiropractor is able to help you. We talk about it every day in the practice. Chiropractors can relieve pain that arises from mechanical causes. It could be a joint injury, a muscle injury, a ligament injury, a structural fault related to posture. It’s essentially mechanical. We’re not talking about disease or physiological conditions. We offer advice to deal with those things but chiropractic deals with mechanical injuries.

The way you can determine that you are indeed suffering from a mechanical source of pain rather than a pathological or medical cause is to ask yourself the question – just as I ask my patients – what causes your pain to be aggravated and what causes your pain to be relieved? Now this is a really critical question. For example, if you have a foot problem and getting off it eases the pain then the likelihood is that it’s mechanical.

If you have a foot problem that’s caused by a tumour, then the tumour will cause you pain whether you’re standing on it or whether you’re lying down. So we are cognizant of problems that respond to changes in position. If we can change the pain pattern, the likelihood is that it is mechanical. And if it is mechanical then we can alleviate the pain.

Even better than alleviating the pain, we can prevent it from recurring. A combination of treatments, supplements and life style advice can restore the natural balance of mind and body and the patient can walk away pain-free.

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