The Gold Coast Chiropractor

Why We Recommend Who We Recommend

It’s an exciting time to be a healthcare professional. In the 25 years I’ve been working as a chiropractor in Australia, our world has changed dramatically.

Fresh research and new technologies confirm that there is a profound and indivisible connection between the mind and body.

Stress plays an enormous role in the pain and illness that people endure. A holistic approach, treating the causes and not the symptoms, is the only way forward.

It is essential that we evolve from a competitive to a complimentary mind-set. No one discipline has all the answers. Working together and tailoring treatments to the needs and lifestyle of each individual, is the only way we will achieve our goal: freedom from pain and optimum wellbeing.

This is why we only recommend complimentary services that are firstly very good at what they do and secondly, they understand and appreciate the principles that are at the heart of the mind and body chiropractic model.

We work closely with all of the services recommended below and know that together we can achieve our goal of pain relief and optimum wellbeing for our patients.