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Stress has become a very big problem. The statistics on mounting stress and its detrimental effects on body, mind, emotions and health are literally shout at us.

In an Australian stress and wellbeing survey, men indicated that personal finance was their biggest stressor. Women felt equally stressed about finances and family life. The survey also found that 70%  of Australians reported that current stress was having an impact on their physical and mental health.

work stress managementStressful living has unfortunately become normal. We are bombarded with  e-mail, the internet, cell phones and TV. We’re exposed to other peoples stress at home, at school, on the street and in the workplace. People broadcast their stress through reactions, energies, and words and everyone feels it.

Stress has become such a part of everyday living that we have had to adapt to this unhealthy condition.

It’s become so normal that some people actually think stress is good. In certain cases they may be right. It’s true, for instance, that stress can be a motivator useful in addressing a challenge. Without some stress in our lives we probably wouldn’t get as much done. Life would be a little bland and boring without challenges. Everything would be too easy and we wouldn’t push ourselves towards achieving new things.

However, too much stress, like the extraordinary amount of stress we experience in today’s world, creates overload. Your creativity and clarity decline; you start to have more aches and pains, fragmented thinking, and negative attitudes. Stress ages us before our time and robs us of our vitality and enjoyment of life.

For many of us, workloads and pressures are intense. The boss expects us to produce more, our children have a lot of stress from school and peer pressure. There are always more bills to pay and there is an unrelenting pressure to buy or do.

Symptoms of too much Stress

Most of us have familiar stress symptoms we’ve become so used to that we don’t even realise it. One of the first steps in dealing with stress is to acknowledge it and identify your stress symptoms.

Do any of the following apply to you?

Irritability. Is your fuse shorter than it used to be? Do you find yourself getting angry at little things more often?

Diminished sense of humour. Do you find yourself feeling weighted down or too serious? Do you laugh less than you used to? Do you feel down or resigned to a life that’s not changing?

Worry. Do you find yourself caught in distressing thought loops, replaying anxious emotional experiences or projecting anxious situations in the future?

Excessiveness. Do you eat, drink, or use mood altering stimulants excessively? Do you seem to rely on stress to keep going?

Forgetfulness. Do you find yourself forgetting little things more often? Do you feel a kind of mental fog?

Aches and pains. Do you have recurring headaches, frequent gastrointestinal distress, or tension in your face, jaw, shoulders, back or chest?financial stress management

Nervousness. Do you talk fast or excessively? Do you spill things more, feel more uncoordinated, have more nervous tension?

Fatigue. Do you feel run-down a lot? Are you tired, but unable to really get restful sleep? Do you have a hard time falling asleep or wake up early in the morning and have trouble falling back to sleep?

If you answered yes to three or more of the above questions, then you are experiencing some degree of chronic stress. But don’t worry. For starters you’re not alone; and, as you can learn, you have a lot more power than you may think to stop letting stress get the better of you.

Most people have heard about ways to cope with stress- eat nutritious foods, drink less alcohol and coffee, stop smoking, exercise, meditate, take breaks, get more rest, spend time with friends, and do fun things. These are all good to do as they help to reduce the effects of stress. More often than not, however, they do not get to the source of the problem and the stress comes right back. It requires a more refined approach to transform stress.

Often during the course of any day we experience an emotional roller coaster ride. When emotions have nowhere to go, the emotional energy builds up and then gets vented in frustration, anger, judgement or blame – all different forms of stress.

Stress switches on brain circuits and hormones that prepare the body to protect itself in dangerous situations. The problem is this survival circuitry gets continually activated by everyday situations that are stressful, but not life-threatening until our mind and body are completely stressed out.

Getting started

Fortunately, new research shows that you can stop the momentum of stress and create more inner peace, whatever your circumstances.

The key lies not in the mind alone; but amazingly, it’s found in the heart. Scientific research shows that the heart sends powerful signals to the brain that, when harnessed, help you to transform your stress responses far more quickly than was thought possible.

The brain remembers these signals and creates patterns that influence your behaviours. By learning how to shift these signals from the heart through regenerating positive emotions, you can create new patterns that allow you to perceive life as stressful.

Regenerating yourself stress management gold coastemotionally helps you create a new internal pharmacy that releases stress-reducing hormones. You feel better and you increase your intelligence- not necessarily IQ, but intelligence that guides you in dealing with difficult people or situations in a less stressful way.

Trying to develop new levels of emotional management could seem impossible but, in fact, it’s not.

The Stress Management System at Mind and Body Chiropractic is based on years of research on the stress response and on helping people reduce stress in their lives. Using a system of tools, techniques, technologies and other resources we have created an effective, proven way to reduce and relieve stress.

Our highly trained and experienced Stress Management Coach is able use state of the art equipment to show your heart rhythms in real-time which will display your stress level and help you to stop your stress reaction. Systemised one to one Coaching sessions are used along with your own personalised system for home use. Through this we can shift you into a more balanced and positive emotional state to create a long term stress solution.

With a new understanding of stress and a little sincere practice you can make great strides towards living a life that’s more enjoyable and less stressful.

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