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Stress Management System

stress management gold coastAccording to recent studies by the World Health Organisation, there is a worldwide epidemic of stress-related disorders. This makes stress management an important consideration. Our hectic modern lifestyle brings with it all kinds of stress that is affecting us deeply. Here at Mind & Body Chiropractic, we are well aware of the connection between stress and the typical problems we treat such as back pain, headaches, neck pain and so on.

Standard stress management is a reactive process to the problem. When the ancient stress (fight or flight) response  kicks in, the body is flooded with cortisol and adrenaline. It can take over 12 hours to clear the body of these chemicals. Once the stress response has happened, people have various ways of recovering such as jogging, watching TV, meditating or self-medicating. These have varied levels of success.stress management gold coast

We instead have the latest cutting edge computer technology to help you tackle stress and its effects. It’s called Heartmath and it brings a very affordable, new approach to managing and preventing stress. HeartMath gives us the means to measure your heart rate variability. So it’s a scientific way to identify stress levels. Your HeartMath Coach, will teach you a range of stress management techniques to pre-empt or turn off the stress response, it’s a simple, effective way to beat stress before it gets to you.

HeartMath works by identifying the stressor in the moment and not allowing the body to go into the stressed state. It works like a magic shield that protects you from the stressful events we all face. Essentially, it’s a way to stop the stress before it starts. HeartMath is safe, non-confronting and fun to learn.

The Initial Consultation to evaluate your stress levels, stress triggers and learn the first powerful HeartMath technique is free. So you have nothing to lose except the serious damage caused by relentless stress!!!!

stress management gold coast